South Platte basin in Colorado

About Us

SPWRAP is a Colorado nonprofit corporation established by Colorado water users for the purpose of representing water users’ interests and partnering with the State of Colorado to implement the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program (PRRIP) in central Nebraska.


SPWRAP serves as the vehicle by which Colorado water users may participate in the Program (PRRIP), and obtain regulatory benefits provided by that Program. Through membership assessments, SPWRAP generates the funds necessary to provide human resources and assist the State in:

(a) achieving the required re-regulation of South Platte River flows,

(b) fulfilling Colorado’s accounting and reporting requirements

(c) addressing any shortfalls in State funding for this effort.


By being members of SPWRAP,  Colorado water users also are assured representation on the Program Governance Committee and associated  advisory committees.

A certificate of membership in good standing in SPWRAP will be a prerequisite for water users who wish to rely on the Program for ESA compliance relative to these four Platte target species.

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South Platte Water Related Activities Program