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Dr.JILL’ G5 Essence Essence’s highly concentrated milk formula is easily absorbed into the skin. Cause you to get results quickly and clearly visible. Moisturizer Complex blend of active ingredients to be the most effective formula. So you have possession of the skin look younger. As the EarlyGrowth Factor extracted from nature to 5 types (most in the market now) with innovative biological ingredient. (Epigenetics) from research in science class in Germany, leading to high concentrations Essence ‘Dr.JILL’, Doctor Solutions that can help answer these 5 reasons Skin Whitening, Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Skin. Smooth and Antioxidant and provides quick results. 5 EGF (Epidermis Growth Factors) … The latest innovations to the skin cells. Essence concentrated milk, high performance, but with a light texture. Can penetrate the skin, skin problems, the 5 things quickly. Only the first night can immediately feel the soft skin visibly more radiant. ROSE EGF moisture Leaves skin silky smooth skin, reduce wrinkles. The rejuvenation of the skin, effectively Dr.JILL G5 ESSENCE ‘The Essence of Medical Research of Germany to the actual user guide’. CENTELLA EGF Antioxidant substances that stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation and help heal the skin faster. One of the major components of the ‘Dr.JILL’ G5 ESSENCE ‘The Essence of Medical Research of Germany to the actual user guide’. Value of the Grape EGF available in Dr.JILL G5 ESSENCE. A key component that helps to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight each day of the cells are very strong, more than ever before. It can protect the skin from the interference of environmental pollution. That may cause irritation to the skin. And restore skin to return to work more efficiently. Another important component of the ‘Dr.JILL’, Docter Solution G5 Essence has helped to reduce the visible signs of aging ARGAN EGF (ARGAN Epidermis Growth Factors).

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