Endocare Tensage Ampollas (20x 2ml)

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Endocare Tensage Ampollas (20x 2ml) Description

Size:20x2ml Intensive ampules whose active synergy favors the correction of the signs of moderate-severe photoaging thanks to its activity: Firming-tightening: its assets favor the increase of the dermal density providing firmness to the skin.Regenerating anti-wrinkle: its high content in Sca Biorepair Technology with proven efficacy in photo-aging, provides anti-wrinkle benefits.Integral hydrant: pool of moisturizing active ingredients with immediate and long-term action.Enlightening Illuminator: has assets that help to eliminate the sallow color and restore luminosity to the skin.Directions for Use:1. Move the vial with dry blows until all the contents are in the base. 2. Insert the ampule into the breaking device and break the top.3. Introduce the ampule in the nipple adjusting it to the maximum. 4. Dump the contents of the ampule into the nipple by hitting or shaking the base. 5. Apply a few drops by pressing on the teat. 6. Close the teat with the cap to preserve the product. After opening, each ampule can be used for three days.

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